Art Project 2022
Collab with a ceramicist. Finance: Kulturrådet

Public Work 2021
Childrens hospital. Sundsvall

Public Work 2020
Childrens Hospital. Sundsvall

Public Work 2019
Childrens Hospital. Luleå

Exhibition 2017
”Arvet” Bodens Konstgille
9 september-1 october

Public work of art 2017
Sculpture bronze. ”Mamma & Jag”.
October 2017. Ordered by: Lulebo

Public work of art
Hospital hotel- 6 enamels, 50x33cm
December 2015. Ordered by: Norrbottens Läns Landsting

Public work of art 2015
Bergnäset, Luleå- 7 enamels & signs. On the outside of buildings. The enamels are 140x90cm.
June 2015. Ordered by: Lulebo

”37 Victim cardingans” -2016
Fundraising of 37 cardigans.

Opening of Luleå Kulturens Hus-Installation in local bus. ”Is this seat taken?”
Fartpillows and fabric.
January 2007. Ordered by: Kulturens Hus

Ghostlamps made of hospitalsheets.
Landstingshuset Luleå